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In past, it was not hard to decide what type of hard drive to have, when it comes to both – PC (personal desktop computer configuration) or laptop (whether a notebook or chromebook, for instance). We used to know the only option – HDD (hard disk drive) and we used to store our data in it. However, with the progress of new technologies, our options are now more than one single and besides HDD, we may also choose SSD – solid state drive. This is how SSDvsHDD dilemma has recently appeared and many consumers are yet wondering which alternative is the best and what is more important – which one is the best especially for their individual needs. But before making a smart decision, when it comes to SSDvsHDD, you need to get aware what SSD is, what benefits HDD hides, and mainly what the difference between them is. This is where we are coming now to explain you in details about them and to help you make a smart decision after all.

What is HDD?

HDD is the common hard disk drive we do know since the very first appearance of computers as systems, where we can store and modify data, files and etc. To be more specific, HDD was firstly introduced back in 1956 by IBM, which means that from SSDvsHDD correlation, HDD is the pioneer we have been using for the last 6 decades. Hard disk drives apply magnetism technology to keep the data in a general rotating platter. This means that the read or the write heads come to respond to consumer`s needs.




What is SSD?

On the other side, SSD is much newer technology that has recently come in IT world to make a huge revolution. SSD comes to make an accent over the main SSDvsHDD difference – the speed of computer task performance. SSD or solid state drive is a parallel between the standard HDD functions on laptops and computers and the flexibility that mobile data storage systems provide. This means SSD can remind of USB memory sticks to some of you. This because SSD is a drive type that has no moving parts and the whole data is kept in tiny microchips. And if the common HDD applies mechanical pieces with the write or read heads to transfer the information, then SSD does this transferring process in a superb extended speed. This is how we are getting to the point of SSDvsHDD – the main difference between them, as well as the big advantage each of them offers.

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SSDvsHDD or what`s the difference between them?

The main difference is hidden in the main advantages each of these two drive types provides. HDD is capable to offer you bigger space to “save” your data, regardless what you are an owner of – laptop or ordinary PC. On the other side, HDD represents the budget-friendly decision, when considering SSDvsHDD over your new computer purchase or current computer update and modification for better performance. Speaking of which, it is a quite common decision many consumers make today – to add SSD to their computer system for more satisfying performance. But what makes SSD the greater alternative for better computer performance? It is the main difference between them – it is simply the speed.

Experts claim that replacing the ordinary HDD with SSD will increase the speed of your system with up to 10 times or just like consumers like to say in forums and reviews “much faster”. So, the question in SSDvsHDD dilemma is: what are you looking for? Is the affordable price and bigger storage place? If yes, then you need HDD. But if your computer needs an upgrade for faster speed, SSD is what you must consider. Indeed, SSD is quite expensive these days, but the advantage it comes with worth it by all means!

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